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Neuroscience PhD programs

Basel offers several PhD and MD-PhD programs in neuroscience. 

The FMI PhD program offers students the opportunity to carry out biomedical research at the highest level in a stimulating, highly international and collaborative atmosphere. Students work with internationally recognized scientists and have access to cutting-edge technology platforms. It offers PhD positions in fields of neuroscience, multicellular systems, and genome regulation.


The FMI MD-PhD Program was launched in summer 2016 to provide the opportunity to research-oriented medical students and physicians to carry out cutting-edge biomedical research and do a PhD thesis. Students can benefit from the excellence of the well-established PhD program, the reputation of the Basel Medical School and a privileged relationship with the researchers of the major pharmaceutical company Novartis.


Vision is a key sense of humans and dysfunction of the visual system leads to visual handicap or blindness. The new IOB PhD and MD-PhD program on Translational Visual Neurosciences offers a unique opportunity to make breakthrough discoveries in the function or dysfunction of the eye and the visual brain, as well as to develop radically new therapies for eye diseases.


Research at the Biozentrum embraces a wide range of topics. Yet the 32 research groups also share a main focus: the strong interest to understand how molecules and cells create life. We have studied this mystery for almost 50 years and are one of the leading Life Sciences institutes in the world, spawning several Nobel laureates.


The DBM interdisciplinary PhD program is associated with the PhD program in Molecular and Cellular Biology offered by the Biozentrum. Approximately 120 PhD students are enrolled in our program and carry out their research in one of 60 research labs affiliated with the Department of Biomedicine; these candidates will obtain a PhD degree from the Faculty of Science of the University of Basel.

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